5 reasons why you should run competitions on your blog


Running competitions and giveaways on your blog are great for lots of reasons. Here are my top 5 ways that giveaways will benefit you and your blog. Let me know if you’ve come across any other benefits to offering competitions!

1. Giving something back

Offering your readers the chance to win themselves something nice is a great way of thanking your readers for being loyal. They might not win, but somebody has too and everybody likes to feel appreciated!

2. Get engaged

Are people reading your blog but very few people are actually leaving comments? If you run a competition where readers have to comment to enter, it breaks the ice and those people are more likely to comment again on your other posts. Blogging is much more rewarding for everyone when you establish a dialogue with your readers.

3. Meet potential advertisers

If you partner with a company to giveaway one of their products and it goes well (lots of people enter, they get lots of traffic and sales) then you’ve built a good relationship with that company for the future.

Maybe they’ll want to run another competition with you in the future, maybe they’ll want to advertise on your blog next, or run a paid feature, or guest blog for you. Make the connection and see where it might take you!

4. Increase your blog traffic

If you run a competition right, both you and the company offering the prize should benefit from lots of extra traffic. Encourage the company to spread the word about your competition on their own blog and via social media, and don’t forget to post your competition on comping websites and forums. These can drive huge amounts of traffic.

5. Get free stuff

This depends on your blogging niche really, but a lot of bloggers will ask to review a product and then have an extra one to offer as a giveaway. Approaching companies can seem a little daunting to begin with, but once you’re established then you’ll find more and more companies approaching you.

I’m guessing your next question will be how to get companies to run competitions with you. I’ll cover that tomorrow…

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