OK, so you run a small business which is your passion and something you’ve worked really hard to create.

It takes every waking hour of your time to make your business work but you KNOW you need to be writing a blog, posting on social media and sending delightful emails out to your mailing list to keep the orders coming in!

I totally understand – that isn’t why you started your own business – you wanted to be able to concentrate on what you love! Instead you’ve had to become an accountant, a blogger, a writer and an all-round social media marketer on top of what you do best!

Let me help. Blogging is what I love to do! I help my clients to engage with their customers and find a new audience through building their social media accounts.

If you run a small business here some important areas you need to have covered:

Your blog:

The upside: A blog is a great way of sharing information with your customers and engaging them in your business. If you are writing engaging blog posts it will keep your customers returning to your store and also help you find a brand new audience interested in your business too!

Blogging regularly (whether it is daily, weekly or monthly) is a great way to boost traffic to your store and find people who will be interested in your product. After all, if they’re interested enough to read blog posts about your business they’re pretty likely to become a customer!

The downside: blogging is time-consuming and if you’re not a natural writer it can be daunting and hard to think of things to blog about. That’s where I come in! I’ve been blogging daily for YEARS now and I can blog for you, giving you more time to concentrate on your business.

It’s also crucial to be using social media to boost your customer base. Click here to find out how I can help you build your mailing list and social media channels.

Examples of my work

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Ready to get started?

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